Message from JHESS President Update 7

Dear Member

The power of prayer remains the most powerful tool at our disposal. In echoing these words from my letter last week, I share with you Qaṣīdah al-Faraj, ‘the Poem of Relief’, as we pray for the speedy recovery of all those
affected by COVID-19, In Shaa Allah. Ameen.

It is generally attributed to al-Imām Muḥammad bin Idrīs ash-Shāfiī (204H.) as well as Abū al-Atāhiyah Ismā`īl (213H.) However, it is most famously regarded as the work of Abu al-Qāsim as-Suhailī (581H.)

The translation of the Poem of Relief below is by Sh. Amienoellah Abderoef:
O You Who sees and hears what is in the heart [the conscience],
You are the means on which I rely for every eventuality,
O You on Whom we place our hope in the face of all hardship, and
to Whom we complain, flee and find sanctuary [from every adversity],
O You, the treasures of Whose provision are found in saying: “Be”, shower upon us [Your Bounty], for all good is with You, in its entirety.
I have no means [of access to good] but through my being in need of You, and through my being in need of You, I drive away my poverty.
I have no strategy but to knock on Your Door, and should I be driven away, then on what door can I knock [to achieve Felicity]?
And Who shall I then call upon and exclaim His Name,
if Your Bounty is withheld from a poor person [and Your Generosity]?
Far be it from Your Glory and Majesty that You would cast a sinner into despair, for Your Grace is most abundant and Your Gifts extend into infinity.
With humility I stand in front of Your Door, knowing that,
what benefits me whilst at Your door is humility.
I made my object of reliance my trust in You,
and I stretched out my hands pleading in humble entreaty,
And by the right of him whom You love and sent and (by whom) You have answered the supplication of one who takes him as his intermediary:
Make a way out for us from every stress (hardship, difficulty) and be gentle with us, O You Whom we return to [in our adversity]
Then peace and blessings be upon the Prophet and his family, the best of creation, the mediator and intercessor [at the time of the greatest calamity]

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

Yours Sincerely
Mohamed Salie SC
Issued: 12 June 2020