Update from the Chairperson

ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎ IMPORTANT MESSAGE The President of our country lowered the lockdown level to adjusted level 3 as infection rates tapers off in order to saves livelihoods and understandably so. Whilst Gauteng has seen a decrease in daily infections, infection rates in Cape Town remain high, we therefore urged all our members and families to remain vigilant. We are still very much in the peak in the Western Cape and urge each and everyone to stick to the non-pharmacological golden rules of wearing your mask properly over your mouth and nose, social distance 2m apart and avoid social gatherings irrespective of the limited easing of restrictions. The delta variant is highly contagious so minimise close contact whenever possible and only go out if absolutely necessary in the upcoming few weeks. Secondly, we encourage, motivate and recommend all to vaccinate and ignore all conspiracy theory pertaining to vaccinations. Vaccination is currently our only recourse to avoid children to be orphaned, our aged to be hospitalised and loved ones facing death in isolation.We can fight this virus together by vaccinating and sticking to the golden rules. We pray for all our departed loves ones to be granted Jannatul Firduas and all those that are suffering from COVID a speedy an uneventful recovery Insha’Allah. Dr Nisaar KorowlayCHAIRPERSON Issued: 27 July... read more

AGM 2021

ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎ Dear MemberAs salaamu alaikumWe trust that you are in good health and safe, with the grace of Allah.In line with Covid-19 safety regulations and protocol, the JHESS Executive has agreed to host the current years’s AGM by way of a Zoom meeting.In compliance with our Constitution, the 2021 JHESS AGM will be hosted on 28 June 2021.We humbly appeal to you to participate in this AGM so that we can elect officials to continue (with the spirit and purpose of the JHESS foundation) in the sterling work that they have been doing to date. To enable members to fully participate as voting members in the AGM or to be nominated for any executive position, we urge you to pay the nominal membership fee of fifty rand (R50.00) by 20 June 2021. The Zoom link will be sent to you in due course.See banking details below: Bank: Standard BankAccount Name: Janjira Habsani Educational & Social SocietyAccount Number: 27 032 171 3Branch Code: 051001Reference: Name Surname AGM We further encourage you to enrol younger family members as we aim to continue the legacy of our forebears to ensure that their noble intentions and work is developed and executed.Please register as soon as you can so that we can ensure a successful AGM, In Shaa Allah. Yours Sincerely, Mohamed Salie SC... read more

COVID-19 Update 15 – 3rd Wave

As anticipated, the third wave has dawned upon us. The number of new cases has been increasing exponentially over the last week, with an average of 3,000 new cases being recorded per day.The primary cause of this third wave has been the non-conformance to the GOLDEN rule of wearing masks correctly, covering the nose and mouth. People are also failing to regularly sanitise their hands and are not observing social distancing requirements when attending family and other social gatherings that then become super spreading events. Such events have been a MAJOR contributor to the third wave. It further saddens me as many of us – directly or indirectly – have loved ones who had to be hospitalised or who passed on due to the COVID-19 pandemic, yet we continue to act irresponsibly in this dire situation.The slow vaccine rollout by government due to various factors as well as VACCINE HESITANCY, driven largely by misinformation on various social media platforms, is not helping to contain the third wave. I humbly request that all individuals eligible for the COVID VACCINE during the second phase of the government rollout ensure they get vaccinated, as the vaccine definitely reduces the severity of the COVID-19 infection and the need for hospitalisation.Please avoid social gatherings and act responsibly to save lives. We continue to make dua for us to be freed from this pandemic soon, In Shaa Allah. Ameen. Dr Nisaar KorowlayIssued: 29 May... read more

From the Chairperson’s desk

Ramadan 1442 ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎ With the grace and mercy of Allah, we have completed the first ten days of Ramadan 1442. We are also fortunate that the COVID infections have been reasonably under control. However, we should remain vigilant and take all the necessary precautions. As we did last year, JHESS will again honour all the children that are fasting for the first time this Ramadan. We encourage you to submit their names on our website email at info@habsani.co.za or call or SMS 072 464 7474. Please provide us with both parent’s names, the recipient’s name, physical address and mobile and email contact details. The deadline for registration is 4 May 2021 but if you could submit the names sooner rather than later, we would be grateful. May Allah guide our children and reward them generously, Ameen. We will also be distributing our annual Food Parcels and Orphan Gift Packs to the most deserving recipients who are confirmed to be deserving of Zakaah and Fitra.To facilitate a smooth handover, we would be grateful if all funds could be deposited by 4 May 2021 into the respective accounts listed below. We distribute 100% of funds collected and do not levy any administration fees. All our members render their services voluntarily. We encourage our youth to come and support us with the distribution.Please support these noble causes for the pleasure of Allah (SWT). Bank Standard BankAccount Name JHESS Zaakah & Fitra FundAccount Number 035 971 428Branch Code 051001 Bank Standard BankAccount Name JHESS Orphan AppealAccount Number 072 848 707Branch Code 051001 We remain thankful for your past and continued contributions. We... read more

Message from JHESS President

بسم هللا الرحمن الرحيمنحمده ونصلي م على رسوله الكريم Dear Member In a few days, in the midst of the continuing COVID pandemic, we will be welcoming Ramadan 1442. Between last Ramadan (1441) and now, 38 JHESS members departed from this world. May Allah grant all Marhomeen Jannatul Firdaus, Ameen, and grant their families Sabrun Jameelan. I was humbled at the generosity of spirit demonstrated when our Executive and bereaved family members completed multiple Quran Khatams in memory of their loved ones a few weeks ago. May Allah (SWT) accept these efforts and our duahs. Humankind was graced with the revelation of the Quran in the month of Ramadan. Let us make every effort to continue connecting and immersing ourselves in the lessons the Quran holds for us, so that these words of Allah (SWT) permeate our lives always. Let us also remain extremely vigilant as a possible third wave has been forecast. We beseech Allah (SWT) to protect us so that we are granted the opportunity to maximise the blessings we can reap in the auspicious month of Ramadan, In Shaa Allah. While our masajid are open this year (albeit with limitations), the vulnerable should take all the necessary precautions to protect themselves. A glimmer of hope flickers on the horizon with the much-anticipated roll out of vaccines. We pray that Allah makes this possible sooner rather than later. This year we will employ the same successful logistical approach in respect of Fitra, Food and Orphan parcel distribution as we did last year. I once again call on you to support these initiatives. It is only through your... read more

From the Chairperson’s desk

15th Sha’ban 1442 ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ The 15th of Sha’ban is one of the most blessed nights, a night to be spent in solitude, engaged in the remembrance of Allah (SWT), seeking His forgiveness, His mercy and His protection.This night is known as “Lailatul Barah”, or “Nisf Sha’ban”, and locally as “Ruwah”. However many names it is known by, it remains a night of deep reflection and preparation as Allah decrees to His angels what the future holds for His creation.Two weeks after this blessed night, the auspicious month of Ramadan will commence for 1442.Last year we entered Ramadan during the onset of the COVID pandemic. This pandemic is still with us this year, accompanied by continued untold hardships and loss of lives and livelihoods.With the lessons learnt from last year, our partners have agreed to work with us again to continue supporting the needy and infirm as we have done during this pandemic.Our closing date for bursary applications has been extended until 31 March 2021 to cater for the many deserving applicants with their educational needs. Should you wish to donate (Sadaqah or Zakat) towards our bursary fund, please do so as soon as you can and obtain your Section 18A Certificate. Our bank details are: Bank: Standard Bank Account Name: Janjira Habsani Bursary Account Number: 270 326 006 Branch Code: 051001 Branch Name: Vangate Mall Our scientists have predicted a possible third wave and we therefore call on you to dispense your donations early so that we are able to distribute our food, fitra and orphan gift parcels earlier than usual, thus ensuring the safety and protection of... read more

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