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The Beginning of the New Year 2021 ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎ Jummah MubarakToday I am writing to you with a heavy heart at the sad loss of so many of our family members and friends over the past two weeks. In our circle, we have witnessed 14 Janazah’s from 1 January 2021 to date.We convey our sincerest condolences to all the families that have suffered losses and May Allah grant the Marhomeen Jannatul Firduas and sabr jameelan in the hearts of the families.We also pray for so many more suffering from COVID, who are hospitalised or at home May Allah grant them a speedy recovery Insha’Allah.We once again appeal to each one of you to adopt a voluntary lockdown so that you protect yourselves and your families. Whilst most are adhering to the non-pharmaceutical protocols which we have termed the GOLDEN RULES others are still not compliant to these protocols fully by wearing the masks properly over the nose; social distancing at family get togethers; and washing of hands.We are also concerned of the dropping of our guard of these protocols particularly at Janazah’s and the indiscipline of burial societies, religious leaders, and families by non-conformance of these protocols and directives. Janazah’s, family get togethers and social events are potential super spreaders and therefore every effort should be made to cease these activities/occasions immediately for our own safety and for the safety and respect towards others.During the 1st Wave the vulnerable and aged were at risk however with the new variant the infections are affecting all age groups and the fatalities are also impacting the younger age groups. This 2nd Wave... read more

Chairperson Message 2021

The past year (2020) in review and the future (2021) ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎ Jummah MubarakAs we bid 2020 farewell South Africa has recorded the highest daily number of infections of 17,700 two days ago. We will never forget 2020 that has taught us crucial life lessons such as: patience, empathy, surviving severe challenges and adoption to minimalism.We have witnessed a year of destruction losing lives and livelihoods yet we as mere mortals refuse to take heed of this devastating virus COVID 19. After 10 months of misery some people are still in denial, others remain irresponsible and undisciplined refusing to adhere to the health protocols that have been publicised continuously.As we enter 2021 we see no light at the end of the tunnel because this virus will continue to mutate and bring further hardships, vaccines will be limited in the near future and 2021 will be equally dire as 2020 unless we take responsibility individually; collectively guide our communities; and leaders of society rise to the occasion as true leaders to encourage one and all to adhere to the health protocols to save lives and minimise hardship. Previous pandemics have lasted at least 3years. This pandemic is no exception. We are currently in the 2nd wave which is worse than the 1st wave due to the virus variant which is highly infectious with a high viral load and affecting younger individuals more severely. Be prepared for a possible 3rd or 4th wave.On this platform we have continuously urged our membership to adopt the Golden Rules of wearing a mask over the nose, wash hands regularly and showing respect to one... read more


Please click the line below to view the corresponding newsletter in PDF Issue 2 Volume 1 – December 2020 Issue 1 Volume 1 – August... read more


Over the past ten days, the daily infection rate in South Africa has been averaging ± 2,200. Yesterday we recorded 3,200 infections. This is a significant increase.The Premier of the Western Cape issued a statement this past Wednesday indicating a 52% increase over the last week alone, primarily in the Cape Metro and the Garden Route districts.A snap survey of local medical practices has also indicated a daily increase in reported infections of ± 6 per day this week, following a lull in September and October.We therefore call on all our members and families to stick to the Golden Rules of wearing a mask, maintaining physical distancing, washing hands regularly and minimising attendance at gatherings, social events and shopping malls. These are super spreader areas that are best avoided.The fact that over 21,000 people have succumbed to this virus is a sober reminder of the virulence of this disease, and the number is increasing.Despite the relaxation of the alert levels to increase economic activity and protect livelihoods, COVID-19 is around.We are entering the holiday period and, given that it is the end of the school or university year, coupled with the lockdown fatigue people are experiencing, most of us will be tempted to socialise and meet up with friends.Young people, please be cautious as you could be asymptomatic and endanger your parents or grandparents. Once again, stick to the Golden Rules.We call on you to implement self-lockdown behaviour and respect the lives of your loved ones and the greater community.Each one of us should act responsibly, be vigilant and adhere to the rules at all times so that we... read more

2020 Grade 12 (Matric) Message of Support

The past year has been the most challenging period of our lives due to the COVID -19 global pandemic. Learners, educators, and parents have had to adjust to a new norm in schooling and educational experience. Our Grade 12 Class of 2020 will commence with their final year examinations soon, and write exams between 5 November and 15 December 2020. Students at tertiary institutions will also be writing their exams, and this is a particularly significant time for tertiary students completing their final year exams prior to graduating. We take this opportunity to wish them all every success in their examinations and ask parents and families to support them during these stressful times. We wish them the best of luck To the educators, we say a big thank you for all your efforts. NA Koorowlay CHAIRPERSON PS: Please email us via of your results for our annual awards ceremony with all your contact... read more


REGISTER HERE TO RECEIVE HABSANI CULINARY EXTRAVAGANZA ZOOM DETAILS AND INGREDIENT LIST REQUIRED FOR THE COOK ALONG 26 September 2020:  10h00 – 11h00: Sawre curry & Sarole by Zaheeda Sonday (@all_about_food16)  12h00 – 13h00: Ghawne by Razeena Palekar (@la dolce rosa) 14h00 – 15h00: Fish Biryani  15h30 – 16h30: Sakroli by Zainab Sonday   3 October 2020:  10h00 – 11h00: Methi Ladoo by Namreen Sonday (@namreensonday)  12h00 – 13h00: Fish curry & cashew nut curry by Musarat Ebrahim (@chefme17)  14h00 – 15h00: Dhoodheri by Rashida Ismail 15h30 – 16h30: coconut chutney by Atiya Sonday Introduction:Since the advent of democracy in South Africa the 24 September was declared a public holiday as Heritage day. Brief JHESS Background: Members of JHESS hail from the coastal State of Janjira today named Raigad district in Maharashtra India. As settlers in South Africa we certainly maintained our religious beliefs and practices, traditions of wedding celebrations, and most certainly our cuisine.Being from a coastal area JHESS is known for its seafood dishes and vegetarian side dishes. Notwithstanding many meat dishes cooked in clay or 3 legged large pots.Over the years we have adopted other practices or cuisines that are blended to create a new tradition like we will have pasta with some India traditional spicing and so forth.It is important to note that in 1956 The Janjira Benefit and Social Society was formed with the purpose of cooking big degs (pots) of food. The favorite dish being fire cooked Akhni; which become notoriously famous and was ordered by all. The food was cooked on a voluntary basis (mostly by males) with great passion and love.... read more

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