The Janjira Habsani Education Society was established on 20 February 1916 in Observatory at the business of Jaffer & Company. Many of our forefathers gained their business skills and training at this particular company. The Janjira Habsani Social Benefit Society was formed in 1956 in Wynberg and rendered voluntary catering services to our community. In 1996 the two aforementioned Societies merged to form the Janjira Habsani Education and Social Society. In 1998 the Society purchased the Melkbos facility for youth development purposes. Since its inception the Society has offered bursaries to needy students and continues to do so. The Society has also assisted financially in the establishment of schools and hospitals. It is significant to note that the funding model of the society has been based on membership fees and fundraising activities. Over the 99 years it has been self sufficient and all office bearers have served purely on a voluntary basis. Based on the spirit of volunteerism and having afforded hundreds of students the opportunity to academically empower themselves the Society certainly has a rich history and heritage as it enters its centenary year. As we celebrate the centenary year we wish to empower our membership with new communication media and archive our rich tapestry electronically for posterity. In doing so we hope the next generation will continue to build on the ethos of volunteerism and social development. This year we have appointed young ambassadors to encourage young people to participate in the programs of the Society. The Society’s flagship is the promotion of education and assistance with bursaries for needy students. For 2015 our bursary allocation was R250, 000 (two hundred and fifty thousand rand) On 26 May 2015 we will launch our website and our online membership registration facility. Why online registration? When a member registers we require personal details like you would normally provide when opening an account at any store. We wish to communicate with our members related to their specific interest and hobbies like yoga, hiking, sport, movies etc. We envisage offering loyalty programs and associated benefits at reduced rates to our members. We will also be able to communicate with you directly related to activities, community notices, and link you up with fellow Habsani’s globally. We encourage you to enroll as members now so that you can reap some of the possible benefits.

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