President Adv Mohamed Salie

Advocate Mohamed Salie, SC, has served in the capacity of President of JHESS for a decade now. He has been a member of the Cape Bar since 1999 and acquired his Senior Counsel status in 2015. In addition, he has served on the Cape Bar Council disciplinary portfolio. He is a founding member of Darul Islam Islamic High School, and has served on various school governing bodies.  He is passionate about education, so his personal aspirations complement the ethos of JHESS with its flagship Bursary Fund to serve the diverse societies of South Africa. The Society has also benefited from his legal expertise and guidance over the years.

Under his leadership, JHESS has made tremendous strides and we remain hopeful that JHESS will continue to grow and prosper with him at the helm.

Deputy President Mr Hidayet Firfiray

Hidayet Firfiray, a pharmacist by profession, has also served in this role for a decade. Hidayet joined JHESS at a young age and has certainly followed in the footsteps of his late father, Marhoom Alimia Firfiray, who served JHESS in various capacities for many years. Hidayet has a full understanding of the ideals and functions of JHESS and has worked with many leaders of the Society over the years.

Hidayet is dedicated to furthering the vision of JHESS and willing to assist in the development of new members.

Chairperson Dr Nisaar Ahmed Korowlay

Dr Nisaar Ahmed Korowlay has been elected to serve as Chairperson this year, having served the Society as Deputy Chairperson for the past four years.

Nisaar is a medical doctor by profession. He is currently jointly employed by the University of Stellenbosch and the Nuclear Medicine department at Tygerberg Hospital.

Nisaar has participated in the JHESS Food Parcel campaigns over the years, which serves the many destitute people in our communities.  He is passionate about serving the needy and having a positive impact on the upliftment of their condition. He upholds the values of the founding members of JHESS in pursuit of contributing meaningfully to society through educational empowerment and social upliftment.

Nisaar has called on all the executive members to assist and support him in developing the Society and its programmes further so that we can take it to the next level of service excellence.

Deputy Chairperson Mr Osman Narker

Osman Narker, the current Deputy Chairperson, served as JHESS chairperson for the last four years. Prior to assuming his role as Chairperson, he also served as assistant secretary.  He has also been managing the Society’s property portfolio for a number of years.

Qualified as Quantity Surveyor, he founded Narker & Associates in 1997. He also served as President of the Association of SA Quantity Surveyors for a period of time and many other professional organisations.

Osman is an avid adventure traveller and has travelled to all seven continents, including Antarctica. He has summited one of the peaks on the Himalayas and spent a number of weeks in the Amazon forest. To date, he has visited more than 50 countries.

Secretary Mr Mohamed Yaseen Cariem

Mohammed Yaseen Cariem is the current Secretary and served as Assistant Secretary for the past two years. A lawyer by profession, Yaseen is a director at a leading Cape Town law firm and engages within the corporate sector. He currently serves as a trustee on the board of trustees of a large medical scheme in Cape Town.

Yaseen is committed to the values of JHESS and is playing a leading role amongst the youth.

He is talented, humble and professional. Over the past few years, he has proved to be an invaluable member of the Executive. Yaseen enjoys running.

Assistant Secretary Ms Aziza Mowzer

Aziza Mowzer was the Secretary of JHESS for the last two years.

Aziza is a qualified chartered accountant employed by one of South Africa’s largest fund management companies.

She is a highly talented, super-efficient and dedicated professional who has added huge value to JHESS’s youth development programme.  Aziza manages JHESS’s social media accounts with the aim of improving communication with the community. Aziza is a keen baker, still reads comics and is a huge Harry Potter fan.

JHESS has always been about uplifting the community. Aziza would like to ensure that this continues and provide a foundation and support for the next generation of JHESS members.

Treasurer Ms Shaheda Aziz (Pohplonker)

Shaheda Aziz (Pohplonker) was the first woman to serve on the JHESS Executive Committee, when she was initially elected Deputy Treasurer. She has since subsequently served as Treasurer for a number of years now and remains at the helm of this portfolio till today.

She is extremely dedicated, hardworking and professional in executing her tasks. She serves with absolute honesty, integrity and commitment.

She also serves as treasurer on the Janjira Habsani Women’s Forum and subscribes to the JHESS values of cultural, social and educational development. Shaheda enjoys cooking and baking.

Assistant Treasurer Mr Nizaam Allie

Nizaam Allie has served on the JHESS Executive for many years under the leadership of some of our great stalwarts.  He is extremely passionate about the JHESS values, traditions and brand.

As a businessperson serving the community readily through his catering and filming businesses, he has a wide network of associates and circle of friends, both locally and internationally.

Nizaam has been instrumental in the JHESS Food Parcel campaign and many other events over the years. He is always willing to assist and support the Society in a variety of ways.

Despite being a loyal member of JHESS, he has never held a position until this year. We are indeed proud and gratified that he accepted the position of Assistant Treasurer.

Nizaam is an ideal role model for our emerging youth members.

Please email to reach out to any of our members.