COVID-19 Update 15 – 3rd Wave

As anticipated, the third wave has dawned upon us. The number of new cases has been increasing exponentially over the last week, with an average of 3,000 new cases being recorded per day.

The primary cause of this third wave has been the non-conformance to the GOLDEN rule of wearing masks correctly, covering the nose and mouth. People are also failing to regularly sanitise their hands and are not observing social distancing requirements when attending family and other social gatherings that then become super spreading events. Such events have been a MAJOR contributor to the third wave.

It further saddens me as many of us – directly or indirectly – have loved ones who had to be hospitalised or who passed on due to the COVID-19 pandemic, yet we continue to act irresponsibly in this dire situation.

The slow vaccine rollout by government due to various factors as well as VACCINE HESITANCY, driven largely by misinformation on various social media platforms, is not helping to contain the third wave.

I humbly request that all individuals eligible for the COVID VACCINE during the second phase of the government rollout ensure they get vaccinated, as the vaccine definitely reduces the severity of the COVID-19 infection and the need for hospitalisation.

Please avoid social gatherings and act responsibly to save lives.

We continue to make dua for us to be freed from this pandemic soon, In Shaa Allah. Ameen.

Dr Nisaar Korowlay
Issued: 29 May 2021