Update from the Chairperson

ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎


The President of our country lowered the lockdown level to adjusted level 3 as infection rates tapers off in order to saves livelihoods and understandably so.

Whilst Gauteng has seen a decrease in daily infections, infection rates in Cape Town remain high, we therefore urged all our members and families to remain vigilant.

We are still very much in the peak in the Western Cape and urge each and everyone to stick to the non-pharmacological golden rules of wearing your mask properly over your mouth and nose, social distance 2m apart and avoid social gatherings irrespective of the limited easing of restrictions. The delta variant is highly contagious so minimise close contact whenever possible and only go out if absolutely necessary in the upcoming few weeks.

Secondly, we encourage, motivate and recommend all to vaccinate and ignore all conspiracy theory pertaining to vaccinations. Vaccination is currently our only recourse to avoid children to be orphaned, our aged to be hospitalised and loved ones facing death in isolation.

We can fight this virus together by vaccinating and sticking to the golden rules.

We pray for all our departed loves ones to be granted Jannatul Firduas and all those that are suffering from COVID a speedy an uneventful recovery Insha’Allah.

Dr Nisaar Korowlay

Issued: 27 July 2021