The revered South African icon, the late President Nelson Mandela has said:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

In keeping with these wise words, we at the JHESS have educational development as a core belief and are mandated as such to engage in educational upliftment programmes in terms of the society’s constitution.

To this end, an education subcommittee has been established to serve the community we represent as well as citizens within the context of the broader South African society. This Portfolio works in 3 areas, which cover the holistic requirements of society at large – secular programmes, Islamic programmes and social responsibility projects.

In terms of the secular programmes, the subcommittee facilitates the Society’s bursary fund, organises the Annual Achievers Awards ceremony and various secular talks. A notable talk held under the auspices of the Society was one delivered by Dr Bernie Fanaroff on the SKA (square kilometre array) satellite. As we move forward within our aims of uplifting society at large we intend embarking on a campaign of awareness around various topics, including succession and the drafting of wills as well as a focus on health challenges like diabetes and heart disease, topics which are relevant to all.

It is important that we always strive to educate our core community of interest within spiritual matters as well as enlightening others keen to learn more about Islam. The Islamic programme speaks to this aspect, ensuring that Islamic knowledge and insights are presented to our members and the community at large. It is our intention to make these programmes as interactive and insightful as possible with attendees benefitting from the content first hand. An example of a proposed workshop will be a discourse on the Mayyet (deceased), covering various issues relating to dealing with a deceased person from the time of death to the burial.

This Portfolio excels in the organisation of social responsibility projects, particularly by attracting members of the youth to assist in various facets of the planning and execution of these projects. Examples of successful projects include the annual Ramadaan Gift Hamper campaign and the Back-to-School Hamper campaign. In keeping with the aim of reaching out and extending a hand to others, the Society engages with various other organisations on ad hoc projects, especially Children’s Homes like Baitul Ansaar, Love His Children, Habibia Girls Orphanage, Al Noor, IRFSA and Hanover Park Place of Safety. Aside from these initiatives, the Society has also established links with the Delft community to assist in various projects.

The Society always invites members of the youth to participate in its various streams of work. In this way, youth from disadvantaged communities are given a sense of self purpose, learning from experts in various fields and being uplifted through their experiences in an educational and fun environment. This leads to further self-development of the future leaders of our community and country.

As the Society moves towards its landmark centenary year, a dynamic signature project which focuses on sustainable educational development and upliftment is being considered as a focal point of the momentous celebrations.