Over the past ten days, the daily infection rate in South Africa has been averaging ± 2,200. Yesterday we recorded 3,200 infections. This is a significant increase.

The Premier of the Western Cape issued a statement this past Wednesday indicating a 52% increase over the last week alone, primarily in the Cape Metro and the Garden Route districts.

A snap survey of local medical practices has also indicated a daily increase in reported infections of ± 6 per day this week, following a lull in September and October.

We therefore call on all our members and families to stick to the Golden Rules of wearing a mask, maintaining physical distancing, washing hands regularly and minimising attendance at gatherings, social events and shopping malls. These are super spreader areas that are best avoided.

The fact that over 21,000 people have succumbed to this virus is a sober reminder of the virulence of this disease, and the number is increasing.

Despite the relaxation of the alert levels to increase economic activity and protect livelihoods, COVID-19 is around.

We are entering the holiday period and, given that it is the end of the school or university year, coupled with the lockdown fatigue people are experiencing, most of us will be tempted to socialise and meet up with friends.

Young people, please be cautious as you could be asymptomatic and endanger your parents or grandparents. Once again, stick to the Golden Rules.

We call on you to implement self-lockdown behaviour and respect the lives of your loved ones and the greater community.

Each one of us should act responsibly, be vigilant and adhere to the rules at all times so that we can save lives.

Let us continue with our prayers and earnestly appeal to Almighty Allah for His Divine Protection and Support.

In conclusion I wish you all a safe and healthy year end. Take care and support one another.


Dr Nisaar Korowlay
Issued: 27 November 2020